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Scuolabook DRM Remover 1.3


scuolabook drm remover

“Would you like to watch your legally bought movies on different devices? Would you like to backup your DVDs? Or would you like to convert your e-books into different formats?

Digital Restrictions Management systems place restrictions on your right to do all of these things. Your movies or e-books may even stop working alltogether if the vendor goes bankrupt, or no longer maintains a particular DRM system.”



  1. Download Scuolabook DRM Remover.
  2. Make sure you can read all PDF files on Scuolabook Reader.
  3. Run Scuolabook DRM Remover.
  4. Decrypt your books.


Do NOT keep Scuolabook Reader updated to the latest version, because the encryption algorithm may change making this program useless (old setup files are available at the bottom of the page for downgrade).


If you encounter any problems, post them in the comments section with a brief description which must include: operating system, Scuolabook Reader version, Scuolabook DRM Remover version and the error message (if any).


Scuolabook DRM Remover 1.3 for Windows (mirror)
Scuolabook DRM Remover 1.3 for Mac OS X (mirror)
Scuolabook DRM Remover 1.3 for Linux (mirror)
Source code (mirror)

Scuolabook Reader Setup:

Scuolabook Reader 3.0.3 for Windows
Scuolabook Reader 3.0.3 for Mac OS X
Scuolabook Reader 3.0.3 for Ubuntu 32-bit
Scuolabook Reader 3.0.3 for Ubuntu 64-bit


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  1. click here says:

    You have got fantastic information right here

  2. Hi, it seems to me that, even after have added new books in the library online and after have downloaded them with the scuolabook reader, the scuolabook remover can’t “see” the new ones, since it will decrypt always the same old books..


  3. Brynna says:

    It appears that your Ubuntu links for the Scuolabook Reader are offline, but thank you, regardless.

  4. tirolele says:

    Hi. Is the DRM remover still working? I tried it a while ago and it didn’t.

  5. eugenius says:

    If you can’t get the sw to work, you have to go to your homedir /.scuolabook/{your account name}/{book folder} and make a copy of the pdp file and rename it to pdf, so the app can detect it.

    • eugenius says:

      Bello scaricare il sorgente per vedere come cerca i file per poi andare nei vecchi commenti e semplicemente vedere che la risposta era già li! Scusate lo SPAM

  6. tirolele says:

    I’ve tried to get the gist of what eugenius says. I wasn’t able though. Renaming the pdp file hasn’t brought to anything. It seems using the old Scuolab, prevents me from downloading a copy of the book.

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